How to Find 800 Numbers

by Melissa Lewis

The 1-800 toll-free system as we now know it was invented in 1978. At that time and for many years later, "800" was the only exchange that was toll-free. However, with the rise in demand, the list has expanded to include 877, 888 and 866.

Even though many companies have toll-free numbers, they are not always listed in a manner that is easy to find. In the age of the Internet, finding such a number--whether it be an 800 number or one on another toll-free exchange--is simple. Even if you don't have access to the web, it is still only a phone call away.

Call toll-free directory assistance at (800) 555-1212. This is the 411 of toll free numbers. It is solely an automated system; you will need to clearly speak the name of the business whose number you are searching for. Extra information, such as location, is not required. If the automated system cannot understand you, it will direct you to visit the website we have listed in Resources.

Visit an online phone directory. Superpages and Yellowbook are the two main sites. There are others,, however, including (but not limited to),, and Type in the name of business and scroll through the results.

Visit the business' website. Type the name of the business in your preferred search engine and locate its homepage. Usually you will see a "Contact Us" button on a toolbar located either at the top or to the side. Sometimes, it is in very small print at the bottom of the page. Click this link and scan the entire page to find the company's toll-free number.


  • check Not all businesses (especially small businesses) are listed in telephone directories.

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