How to Number Pictures in a Folder Sequentially

By Kristy Wedel

As people tend to collect more and more photos on their computers, organization is crucial to being able to sort and find them again. Windows makes renaming multiple photos at once very easy. During the process, sequential numbering is added to the end of the file name you select. This can save you a lot of time especially if you are renaming many pictures perhaps from a vacation or big event.

Open the folder with the pictures that you want to rename.

Press "Ctrl" + "a" to select all the photos in the folder or select individual photos by holding "Ctrl" and left clicking on them.

Right click the first photo in the group and select "Rename" from the menu.

Enter a name for the photo. This name will be the same for each photo you have selected, with sequential numbering added to the end of the file names.