Do You Get Notified if Someone Blocks You on Facebook?

by Kefa Olang
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Facebook notifies you of everything from new messages to timeline posts, but you do not get notified if someone blocks you. A block is intended to be elusive; otherwise, it defeats its purpose. Once a block is applied, all forms of communication between you and the person who blocked you is completely halted.

Block Notification

Unfortunately, you don't get notified when someone blocks you on Facebook. By the same token, anyone you block will not receive a notification. Blocks are completely secret, and the only way you can know someone has blocked you is when his profile suddenly disappears, or when you can't find him in a search. Someone can block you anytime without telling you. If someone deletes you from a Facebook friends list, you can still find the person in a search. However with a Facebook block, both profiles are hidden from each other.

Purpose of a Block

When someone blocks you on Facebook, he is basically saying that he wants nothing to do with you. That means he is no longer interested in any kind of contact or exchange, such as messaging, chats and timeline posts. The reason someone applies a block depends on the person applying the block. Sometimes people apply blocks because of harassment, or simply to avoid someone, such as an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Whatever the reason for applying a block, it's intended to disassociate from a person completely.

Block Mutuality

When someone blocks you on Facebook, you also become invisible to that person. Facebook applies the block both ways, so the effect is mutual. You will no longer be able to see the person who blocked you, and he will not be able to see you or your profile. Your profiles are both completely hidden from each other, so it's a completely fair trade.

Managing Blocks

You can manage your own blocks via your Facebook account's Privacy Settings if you want to block some people. If you open the "Privacy Settings" and click "Manage Blocking," you should see options to enter names and email addresses for people to block. Unfortunately, the Manage Blocking feature does not display the people who are blocking you.


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