How to Take Notes Using a Kindle

by Spanner Spencer

The Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader that uses a black-and-white e-ink display and connects directly to Amazon's online e-book store. The Kindle is also equipped with a QWERTY keyboard and allows users to add notes and annotations to any e-book that they are reading. These notes are accessible within the user's online Amazon account and can be shown to other Kindle users who are reading the same e-book. By adding a blank document to the Kindle, the device can also be used to write any notes that the user desires.


Create a new text document on a computer and give it a title such as "Notes.txt." Open the document and add a line of text that you will recognize on the Kindle, such as "Blank document for Kindle notes." Save the text file.


Connect the Kindle to the computer using its USB cable and transfer the text document to the "documents" folder on the device.


Turn the Kindle on and open the text document.


Press the "Menu" button and click the "Add a Note" link. Type your note and click the "Save" button to save and close it.


To view your notes, open the text document, press the "Menu" button and click "View My Notes."


  • close Be careful not to press the "Back" button before saving your note; if you do, the text will be lost.

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