How to Not Let People Download From You on Vuze

by Melissa King
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The Vuze client, formerly named Azureus, enables you to download torrent files to your computer. When you download a torrent, you're actually downloading pieces of a whole file from multiple people, called seeds. Once a download is complete, the torrent remains on your computer so other users can seed from you. Deleting the torrent is one way to stop people from downloading from you. You can also set Vuze to never automatically seed certain torrents using the application's Ignore Rules option.

Delete a Torrent

Step 1

Launch the Vuze application.

Step 2

Click on the torrent that you want to stop seeding in the main window. Torrents in the top panel haven't finished downloading yet. Look for completed torrents in the bottom panel of the window. Next to each completed file, you'll see how many people are downloading from you, your share ratio and your upload speed.

Click "Stop" at the top of the window to pause seeding for the torrent, or click "Delete" to remove it from the queue.

Ignore Rules

Step 1

Start Vuze, and then click "Options" and "Queue."

Step 2

Select "Seeding," and then click "Ignore Rules."

Step 3

Enter "1" next to "Ignore Torrents with at Least." With this setting, Vuze will not automatically seed any torrent that has at least one other seeder or uploader. All torrents usually have at least one seeder, such as the original uploader.

Step 4

Check the box next to "Ignore Torrents with 0 Peers."

Close the menu to return to the main Vuze window. Your settings will take effect immediately.


  • Torrent users who don't seed, or who seed very little, are called leechers. When you leech, you reduce the availability of a file for other users, and your torrent download speed may also decrease. Vuze recommends that your share ratio should always exceed 1.000. To see your share ratio, go to "Statistics" and "Transfers."


  • If you can't find the Ignore Rules option, you may have set your Vuze user level to Beginner. In Beginner mode, most advanced options are hidden. To fix this, go to "Options" and "Mode" then select "Intermediate" or "Advanced."


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