How to Normalize Your Music in iTunes

by Andrew Schrader

Normalizing, or adjusting all your Apple iTunes music's audio levels to the same volume, is also called a "Sound Check." Enabling the Sound Check feature requires resetting your playback preferences; however, older versions of iTunes do not support this feature. It is recommended you update your existing software to the latest version of iTunes to ensure Sound Check compatibility with your media library.

Open a Web browser and visit the Apple iTunes download page. Click the "Download Now" button on the left side of the screen for a PC or Mac and wait for iTunes to download.

Double-click the ".exe" (PC) or ".dmg" (Mac) file saved to the computer and follow the onscreen instructions to install iTunes to the hard drive. Choose to move your old iTunes media library to the new iTunes when prompted, and agree to the terms of use to complete the installation.

Open iTunes. Click the "Edit" tab at the top of the screen (PC) or the "iTunes" tab (Mac) and click "Preferences."

Click the "Playback" menu option at the top of the Preferences window. Press the "Sound Check" button in the middle of the screen so a check mark appears, enabling automatic adjustment of playback volume to the same level.

Click "OK" to exit out of iTunes Preferences and save the changes.


  • check Enable other playback features in the "Playback" tab, like "CrossFade Songs," which fades the volume between tracks so you never hear silence, by dragging the "CrossFade" slider along the "seconds" bar to adjust the time it takes for tracks to fade in and out. Other features include "Sound Enhancer," which changes sound quality during playback.

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