Nook Will Not Log Into Gmail

By Andrew Aarons

Barnes and Noble’s eReader, the Nook, has evolved to become a business tool on par with any tablet computer. The Nook HD and HD+ are full-color, LCD screen eReaders with Wi-Fi capabilities that let users read books, view PDFs, watch movies, and check email on the go. But like any wireless device, setting up and logging into a Gmail account can be tricky. You have to authorize your Gmail account before logging in on the Nook.

Gmail Authorization

The Nook is one of several devices that uses an email application that you need to pre-authorize on Gmail. Google has designed Gmail to be accessible on all platforms, but usually with an account verification to ensure that other people aren’t trying to access your account. On different computers, you’re prompted to enter a password or answer a security question, but on a mobile phone or Nook, you must use an “application-specific password” in place of your regular password. You can't log in until you've found this password.

Authorize Your Nook

Before you can log in to your Gmail account through your Nook, you’ll need to authorize the application in Gmail. Log in to your Gmail account on a computer and then click the settings gear icon and choose “Settings.” Click on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab and then click the checkbox beside “Enable IMAP.” Then visit Google’s Authorized Access to your Google Account (See Resources) and scroll to the “Application-specific passwords” section. Type a name for your device like “Nook” and click “Generate password.” Write this password down, or keep the browser window open.

Get Gmail Settings

Before you can log in to your Gmail on your Nook, you have to configure the account with advanced settings. This has to be done on Gmail through a Web browser before you can log in on the nook. In Gmail, click on “Settings – Forwarding and POP/IMAP” and then scroll to the bottom of the IMAP screen and click “Configuration Instructions.” Click “I want to Enable IMAP” and then click “Other.” You'll need to enter all of this information into the Nook to log in to Gmail.

Configure Email on Nook

Press the Nook button to return to the home screen and then tap the email icon to load your email. If you’ve already configured an email address, the Nook will load that inbox. Swipe from the top of the screen and choose “Add Account.” Enter your Gmail address and the application-specific password Gmail generated. Your Nook should do the rest on its own, but if it can’t connect to Gmail tap “Manual setup” and enter the information for the IMAP server and SMTP server provided by Gmail’s configuration instructions.