Nextar GPS Instructions

by Chris Waller

Having a GPS device is handy if you are traveling through a new area or need to get to a place you have never been before. The Nextar company produces a line of touchscreen GPS devices that you can mount in your car and use whenever you need extra help to get where you are going. Entering an address into the device will get you a map and turn-by-turn directions to any destination.

Turn on the device by pressing the "Power" button on the top of it. Wait for the device to turn on before pressing any buttons or touching the screen.

Tap the "Menu" icon on the screen. Touch on the "Destination" icon, which is shaped like a car. On the next screen, you can choose to enter an address or a point of interest. Tap the icon of your choice.

Tap the "Start With City" button if you have chosen to enter an address. Next to this icon will be an option to choose a street. If you chose "Start with city," enter a city using the keyboard that appears on screen and tap "Next." Use the keyboard again to enter the street name and number, tapping "Next" after each entry. When finished, hit the "Go" button to begin your navigation session.

Choose the point of interest to which you want to travel, if you have selected this option. You can search by "City," "Name," "Near vehicle" or "Near destination." Tap your selection, and enter the name of the place, for example "Fairfield Mall." The GPS will display all destinations near the location that match your entry. Select one by tapping it, and then tap the "Go" button to begin navigation.


  • close Do not operate the Nextar GPS device while driving.


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