How to Get a New SIM Card (6 Steps)

By Louise Balle

The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a small card that works with GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) compatible phones. These cards are linked to your cell phone account and allow you to connect with the network. If you lose your phone or break your SIM card, it is very easy to get a new one from your cell phone provider.

Step 1

Report your cell phone lost or stolen if that is the reason you need a new SIM card. Ask the representative to deactivate your old SIM card and put a notation on your account that you need a new one.

Step 2

Ask the representative about the cost of your new SIM card. Many providers will charge about $20 for a replacement.

Step 3

Visit an official store that is owned by your cell phone provider with your phone in hand to retrieve the SIM card. If you don't have a phone because it was lost or stolen, you can buy one from the store or online. You are not usually required to have a new phone in order to get a SIM card.

Step 4

Give the representative your cell phone number and pin number so that he can access your account. He will need to link this new card with your account and reactivate the service.

Step 5

Pay for the new SIM card. Insert it into your cell phone and call your voice mail system from the phone to assure that it works.

Step 6

Have the provider ship you a new SIM card as an alternative if you do not want to visit the store. When the card arrives it should already be activated to work with your account, simply insert it and call your voice mail. If it doesn't work, call the cell phone provider to activate the device.