New Flash Player Is Not Working With Hulu

by Kefa Olang

Although updated Adobe Flash Player is essential for displaying regular or high-resolution videos on Hulu, the browser plug-in usually causes problems if it's damaged or improperly installed. The Flash Player update also interferes with Hulu's fullscreen mode. If the Flash Player update is limiting your ability to play your favorite shows and movies, Hulu provides solutions to enhance video playback.

Uninstalling Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is the browser plug-in essential for streaming videos on Hulu. According to Hulu, a new Flash Player causes playback errors if the player wasn't installed correctly. In some cases, the new player also interferes with the fullscreen mode feature. If you're unable to watch Hulu videos after upgrading the Flash Player, download and save the Flash Player uninstaller to your desktop. There is an uninstaller for 32- and 64-bit systems; download the uninstaller compatible with your operating system. Close all open programs and applications to avoid errors and run the uninstaller to remove the Flash Player. Restarting your computer completes the uninstall process safely. If you're using a Mac, download and run the uninstaller compatible with the Mac OSX version you're using.

Reinstalling Adobe Flash Player

After uninstalling Adobe Flash Player, reinstalling a new copy solves video streaming problems because it includes fixes. Hulu requires Adobe Flash Player 10.0.32 or above to stream videos properly. To install a new copy of the Flash Player, visit the Flash Player download page on Adobe's website. Click the "Download Now" button to begin the installation process. Follow the guided prompts to complete the installation properly. When the installation confirmation message appears on the screen, you must restart your browser for the changes to take effect.

Troubleshooting Fullscreen Mode

When you upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, problems usually arise with the fullscreen mode feature that allows you to watch movies and shows on a larger display. According to Hulu, this problem is caused by a hardware acceleration feature that comes with the Flash Player update. Turning off the hardware acceleration feature solves the problem. To turn off the feature, you must go to Hulu and watch any video. While the video is playing, right-click the player and click "Settings" to bring up the Player's settings. From there, clearing the "Enable hardware acceleration" box disables the feature completely. Close the settings and click the "Fullscreen" button to enable fullscreen mode.


To avoid running into additional streaming problems, Hulu recommends updating your browser to the latest version. In addition, a broadband network connection with sufficient bandwidth decreases buffering and stuttering problems that diminish playback. Although Hulu adjusts its stream to meet your bandwidth's needs, a minimum of 1000Kbps of downstream bandwidth is ideal for streaming H.264 and 480P videos. A bandwidth of 1,500Kbps or more is ideal for streaming high-resolution videos that use more bandwidth. If your network connection isn't fast enough to handle Hulu content, contact your Internet Service Provider and upgrade or you'll continue running into playback problems.


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