How to Get New Customer Pricing With Comcast

By MayankJ

Comcast provides new customer pricing and special rates when customers initially sign up for services. Potential customers do not always know about available deals, and as a result they do not always get the special pricing. There are specific ways to get new customer deals that every new customer should know before signing up for Comcast service.

Find out about current deals, since new customer deals change frequently. New deals become available every month and some month's deals and prices are better than others. Current deals are available on Comcast's website. Offers and deals differ by location, but the website allows potential customers to fill in basic information to find their local deals.

Call customer service to purchase the Comcast services. The customer service numbers differ based on the location. The basic service number is 877-870-4310. Ask the customer service representative about deals for new customers. They can also transfer you to the customer service facility that deals with your specific location.

Tell the customer service representative which deals are preferred. Comcast has a basic deal of a triple-play service that has varying time periods. There are usually other local specials, which change every few months or so, that are available for new customers as well.

Set up installation. Customer service representatives will help you select an installation time that works for you.