What Is Network Magic?

By Nichelle Coleman

Cisco discontinued Network Magic in 2012 when it owned Linksys.
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Network Magic was a tool offered by Cisco Systems for monitoring and managing network computers. It also included security features, such as parent monitoring and intrusion prevention. In 2012, when Linksys -- which was then owned by Cisco -- introduced its Smart Wi-Fi routers, Network Magic was discontinued. Although no new updates have been available since that time, if you have Network Magic installed on your network, you can still use it. Linksys still offers support information for the product on its website.


If Network Magic is installed on your network, computers on that network are able to share data and files, such as, pictures or videos. The program has a file and printer sharing capability that allows all the computers on the network to print using one computer. The program also has a monitoring tool that alerts the administrator when one of the computers on the network may require a security patch or if virus definitions are out of date. The Network Magic map shows the name of the problem computer and what repair is required.

Parent Monitoring

Network Magic includes a parent monitoring tool that parents can use to block young kids from accessing certain websites. The parent monitoring tool, once activated, can also show how many times a particular website was visited and how long the Internet was accessed. Websites can be blocked while still allowing computers to share files and data using a network connection.

Remote Management Features

Network Magic allows the user to manage files and data easily on computers that are located on a network. The Network Magic console allows the administrator of a network to view the computers without sitting directly in front of them. The console also shows if any unauthorized members have attempted to access the computer network.

Network Mapping

A network map is included in Network Magic that provides a layout of all the computers connected on the network. The map is a tool that makes it easy to pinpoint problems on the network. The administrator can view a picture of the entire network at one glance. The map will also highlight any computers that may not be operating properly. It will also show the computer name and the problem that the computer may be having, such as, a failed Internet connection.

Troubleshooting Tools

Network Magic has a troubleshooting tool that assists the user in analyzing network connections. This helps keep stability on the network. If a connection fails, Network Magic assists in re-establishing the network connection. The repair wizard can be followed step-by-step. It provides troubleshooting instructions to help repair the network. The Internet connection can also be tested for proper connectivity and monitored to help maintain a stable connection.