Does Netflix Have Sports?

By Nick Davis

Netflix content, including movies, is accessible on a variety of devices.
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The streaming media service Netflix offers access to unlimited movies and television programs including true crime and documentaries but the service doesn't offer sports programming. You cannot access live sporting events nor can you watch recorded football, basketball or baseball games from the NFL, NBA or MLB.

DVD Program

Netflix's DVD program doesn't offer discs of recorded sporting events. The program only offers discs containing movies, TV programs, documentaries and music concerts. Netflix doesn't offer a DVD sports category or separate sports Website.

Searching Content

If performing a search via Netflix's search component, the wording sports only results in movies and television programs about fictional sports teams or documentaries about sports legends. Films containing sports themes available on Netflix include Rocky, Caddyshack, Raging Bull and a League of Their Own.

Streaming Content

When accessing Netflix on your computer, tablet or other Internet-enabled device, you also cannot receive sports programming. The Netflix user interface and available content is the same on your computer as on tablets, Internet-enabled televisions, smartphones and other Internet-enabled devices.


The company doesn't contain relationships with networks, including CBS, NBC and ABC, and cable television providers to stream games, sports commentary shows or pay-per-view events.

Streaming Sports Sources

Although Netflix doesn't offer sports, there are a variety of streaming sports providers available on the Internet including ESPN, Xfinity, NBA and MLB as well as websites devoted to sports like NHL Game Center Live. ESPN's streaming sports services require a subscription to Xfinity's or another cable service provider like Cox or AT&T. The ESPN Website prompts you to select your cable provider once you click on the sports event you want to watch. Xfinity's streaming sports service also requires a subscription to the cable service. Other streaming sports services like the NBA and MLB require you pay for a viewing package and prices vary depending on how you want to watch the programming – on your computer or on your smartphone.