What Is Nero Essentials?

by Russell Huebsch
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Nero Essentials is a stripped down version of the Nero's regular programs, such as its CD burning software, according to Nero. Usually, hardware manufacturers include Nero Essentials so users have the bare minimum necessary to use their hardware.


Even if you want [Nero](https://itstillworks.com/13579368/what-is-nero) Essentials, you cannot buy it in retail form, according to Nero. Nero Essentials only comes packaged with computer hardware--called OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer hardware.


What Nero Essentials can do depends on the type of hardware that you purchase. Overall, however, Nero Essentials allow access to the same codec--compression software--and features as the full version of Nero software.


If you want to experience the complete version of any Nero Essentials product, you can always choose to upgrade or purchase additional features at a later date.


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