How to Negotiate the Pricing for XM Radio

By Charles Judd

Negotiate a rate for your XM Radio service.
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XM Radio subscriptions are available for many different pricing plans. Generally, the longer you commit to service, the cheaper the monthly cost is to you. XM is always eager to keep customers and very willing to negotiate on pricing plans, often offering special deals to customers who are unhappy with their current pricing plan. If pricing is an issue for you, you can contact XM Radio to negotiate your subscription cost.

Step 1

Tune your activated XM Radio to Channel 0 and record the eight-digit radio ID number that is displayed on the screen. This number is associated with your unique XM Radio, and you will need it to access your account.

Step 2

Call the XM Radio hotline at 1-800-XM-RADIO (1-800-967-2346). Follow the automated prompts and choose the option to speak with a live operator.

Step 3

Negotiate your new plan pricing and terms with a live operator. If it is not already on file, the operator will collect your billing information to begin your new pricing plan once you agree upon it.