Negative Effects of Internet Usage

By Justyna P

The negative influences of the Internet cannot be ignored.
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The Internet is one of the most exciting and powerful inventions of the second half of the 20th century. The reason why it is so powerful is that it provides access to information about almost every aspect of life and allows cross-geographical communication. The Internet allows the richness of textual, graphic and audio information on almost any topic including scientific research, education, economy and politics. The information presented on the Internet responds to people's various desires. As much as the positive impact of Internet is palpable, it is difficult to ignore its negative influences.


The Internet can have a negative influence on people's political and social views. Since the Internet is based primarily on Western culture, it propagates Western democratic values and presents democracy as the best type of government. It repudiates political views and governments different from democratic ones. Not infrequently, incorrect or misleading information can be found on the Internet, which can lead to wrong conclusions.


The Internet advocates the Western lifestyle and portrays it as superior to any other lifestyle. It also depicts life in the West as that of unrestrained freedom and unlimited possibilities, without presenting all sides of this perspective. The Internet presents cultures other than those of the English language as lacking in the basic freedoms of the West. This can make people believe that life outside of the Western hemisphere is devoid of value and meaning. Because of the widespread availability of information, people become unappreciative of the things they have and desire more and more. The Internet has the potential to corrupt people's minds, change their moral perspectives and ethical values.

Security Threats

Since the Internet is used in almost every aspect of economical, social and political life, it poses many security threats that haven't been seen before. Internet networks are susceptible to invasion by hackers. These criminals gain access to valuable and senstitive political, economic, financial and technological information. The hackers have the ability to damage data and devices and spread viruses. It is becoming increasingly easy to leak data or produce misleading or even deceptive information.

Waste of Resources and Time

A lot of business is conducted over the Internet. As a result, merchants are devising ways to flood the Internet with merchandise. Excessive adevertising campaigns are being initiated to sell products and services of questionable value. The Internet presents so much information that a vulnerable reader is not able to distinguish between the real and fake or necessary and unnecessary. As a result, people are susceptible to making imprudent decisions.


Surfing the Internet becomes a way of life for some kids and young adults, which alienates them from their peers and replaces real-life interraction with the virtual one. Excessive Internet usage contributes to other problems, such as juvenile obesity. Because of their addiction to Internet, kids and teenagers spend most of their free time surfing the Web instead of running around and interacting with peers, and the lack of physical exercise may adversely affect the normal development of a healthy body.