Do You Need Wi-Fi for iPod Touch Texting?

By Melly Parker

You can install texting apps from the App Store.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When you don't feel like reaching for your phone – or you just prefer using an application to communicate – you can use an iPod Touch texting app. In addition to the native Messages app, there are many different options available in Apple's App Store, such Skype and textPlus. Unlike Apple's other mobile devices, no iPod Touch model comes with a way to connect to mobile networks.

IPod Touch Texting

There are many different iPod Touch texting apps – some require a pre-established phone number or charge money for sending texts. Others provide you with a free phone number tied to an email address or your iPod Touch itself. While you may be able to open an iPod Touch texting app without having a Wi-Fi connection, to actually send or receive messages you must be connected to the Internet.


Any app that send data outside of your iPod Touch requires a Wi-Fi connection. Without it, you can't push data like text messages from your iPod Touch to a friend's mobile device. When downloading an app, you can read the specifications to determine whether or not it requires Wi-Fi to run. In general, social networking, texting and streaming apps require Wi-Fi.

Data Connection

The iPod Touch doesn't support a data connection. Unlike the iPhone and some iPads, which are configured to work on mobile data networks, the iPod can only connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. This means that you can't add iPod Touch connectivity to your mobile plan.

Hot Spot

If you have a mobile data plan you want to share with your iPod, sign up for hot spot service. Hot spot service enables your data-enabled device to share its data connection over Wi-Fi with devices like the iPod Touch. Hot spot services generally cost additional money, so your monthly charges will likely increase if you choose to enable hot spot service so you can have a Wi-Fi connection for your iPod Touch wherever you go.