Do I Need to Drain My Kindle Before Charging?

By Ashley Poland

The Kindle boasts a charge that can last up to a month.
i Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You do not need to drain your Kindle battery before recharging it. This misconception comes from the recommendations for NiCD -- nickel cadmium -- batteries, which need to be drained before recharging to help maintain their full capacity. When -- and how -- to charge a Kindle battery is largely a matter of personal preference.

Charging Your Kindle

You can charge your Kindle's battery by connecting it either to your computer or an outlet using the wall outlet adapter that comes with your Kindle. recommends leaving your laptop plugged in to provide sufficient power to the USB port, and to disable any sleep or hibernate functions that may disrupt the charging cycle. You can plug your Kindle in to charge at any time regardless of the remaining battery power. Harding Energy, a battery manufacturer, does not recommend fully draining a lithium battery.

Using While Charging

According to, you can use the Kindle while it is charging -- either while plugged into a wall outlet or into your computer. However, doing so may make the charging process less efficient. If at all possible, let your Kindle charge undisturbed, even if that means only charging for half an hour. There is no harm in letting the battery take a partial charge; it can in fact be better for the battery.

Battery Life

While all rechargeable batteries eventually hit a point where they can no longer hold a charge, this issue does not stem from the charging method in lithium batteries. Lithium batteries tend to have a set number of full charges -- if you only charge 50 percent of your battery, you have used half a charge.

Conserving Battery Power

Take measures to preserve your battery life. Turn off your wireless and put the Kindle to sleep when you're not using it. You do not need to turn your Kindle off unless you're planning not to use it for extended periods of time; sleep mode is easier on the battery when you turn the Kindle back on.