How to Find the Name a Phone Number Belongs To

By Jacqueline Hills

Does that phone number sound familiar? Perhaps you have a number without a name scrawled on a piece of paper or one has shown up on your phone bill you don't recognize. Maybe you found that special item you've been looking for in the classifieds but after a long talk with the owner, you found out the item was 100 miles away and not worth the trip. A reverse phone number lookup can help you find the name belonging to that scribbled phone number or can tell you where you have to go before you spend your time on the phone.

Go to a free reverse phone directory on the Internet such as AT&T's AnyWho or Super Pages (see links in the Resources section below). On the site you will find a place to key in the phone number. Follow the instructions for the correct format.

Try a Yahoo! or Google search on the number itself if you don't find the number on a free reverse directory, which means the number you're looking for may be a cell phone or unlisted. Sometimes people will post their numbers on personal or organization websites with other contact information.

Try a paid reverse phone site that will show you private numbers along with other public record information, if you are willing to spend the money. Some paid sites include Intelius and People Finders. Costs will vary depending on the site and the amount and type of information you request.