My iPod Won't Download Anything

By Andy Walton

The iPod uses an internal antenna to receive wireless Internet signals.
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Like other wireless devices, the iPod's Internet connection can be affected by environmental conditions such as interference or obstructions, especially in a busy environment like an office. An iPod Touch download failure can also indicate problems with the device itself. After confirming you have storage space available on the iPod and that Airplane Mode is turned off in the Settings menu, minimize your device's downtime by learning how to resolve iPod connection issues.

Wireless Setup

A poor quality wireless signal can prevent your iPod from downloading data. This can be caused by interference from electrical items that emit radio waves such as microwave ovens, wireless telephones and wireless baby monitors. Move your iPod away from these items and reattempt your download. In addition, having a signal travel over too great a distance or through dense construction materials can decrease its power. To avoid this, test your download capability with your iPod and wireless router in the same room.


Restart your iPod's Wi-Fi connection if your download problems continue. You can do this by opening the Settings menu, tapping the Wi-Fi toggle button to the “Off” position and then tapping it back to “On.” If that doesn't work, tap the arrow next to your network's name in the Wi-Fi Settings list and select “Forget This Network.” This forces your iPod to treat your wireless connection as a brand new network. Reconnect to it and test your connection by attempting to open a Web page.

Reset Network Settings

If your iPod still cannot download data or the Wi-Fi option in the Settings menu is greyed out, reset the network settings, which removes all network configurations from your iPod, effectively returning the networking part of its operating system to factory default settings. Access this setting by tapping “Settings | General | Reset | Reset Network Settings.”


Restoring your iPod returns the device to factory default settings. It is a useful troubleshooting step, as it eliminates any issues caused by incorrect configurations or settings on the device. Back up any important data through iTunes first. To restore an iPod, connect it to your computer, open iTunes and select your device. Open the “Summary” tab and then click on the “Restore” button. The process takes a few minutes to complete. Your iPod will automatically restart when it is restored.