My iPod Shows Wi-Fi but Doesn't Work

By John Granby

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems on your iPod Touch.
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Troubleshooting Wi-Fi problems on your iPod Touch is an easy process and in many cases can be resolved in a few simple steps. It's common for Wi-Fi connections to have minor glitches; in most cases the issues are not serious and are not the result of a critical failure in your iPod. Once you are able to reconnect your iPod to Wi-Fi you'll be able to answer your work emails and chat with your customers and clients using instant messenger applications.

Power Cycle Wi-Fi On Your iPod Touch

The first troubleshooting step is to power off Wi-Fi on your iPod Touch and then power it on again. Tap "Settings" then "Wi-Fi." Slide the On/Off button to "Off." Wait a few seconds, then slide the switch to "On." Next you should reconnect your iPod Touch to your Wi-Fi network and test your connection to the Internet.

Check and Reset Your Wi-Fi Router

In many cases Wi-Fi connectivity issues may not always be a problem with your iPod Touch. A key troubleshooting step for Wi-Fi issues with any device is also to check the status of your Wi-Fi router. In many cases, power cycling your Wi-Fi router may help repair connection issues. Follow the directions to reset your router as explained by the manufacturer. However, in nearly all cases power cycling the router is a simpler process. Once you have cycled the power, you should wait until the router is finished with its startup sequence and is ready to accept connections before you reconnect your iPod Touch and test the Internet connection.

Restart Your iPod Touch

If resetting your Wi-Fi router or the Wi-Fi on your iPod did not resolve your issue, you should power cycle your iPod. Once it powers up again, attempt to connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi. If that still doesn't work, you should tap "Settings" then "Wi-Fi" then tap the blue arrow icon to the right of the Wi-Fi network you are using. Tap "Forget this Network" then tap "Forget." Tap the "Wi-Fi Networks" button at the top left. Tap the name of the network you want to join and enter the Wi-Fi passcode if you are prompted.

Update Your Devices

The final troubleshooting step you can try yourself before taking your iPod Touch into the Apple Store for service is to update the iOS software. You can do this using iTunes by plugging your iPod Touch into your computer, launching iTunes and clicking the "Restore iPod" button. You should also check if there is a software update for your Wi-Fi router and follow the manufacturer directions to update the router. Following the updates, you should test your connection again.