How to Mute YouTube Sound on an iPad

By Andrea Ruiz

Muting a YouTube video is an effective alternative to disturbing others with the video's sound.
i Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

When streaming a YouTube video on your iPad, the video's sound automatically begins to play along with the video. Viewing a YouTube video on a regular Web browser gives you the option of muting it using the video's inline volume bar. However, neither the native iPad YouTube app nor the Web-based version of YouTube for the iPad displays the volume bar in the video. The only way to mute sound in a YouTube video on an iPad is to use the side switch to mute the iPad's volume.

Step 1

Navigate to the YouTube video you wish to view in the YouTube app or in your iPad's Web browser.

Step 2

Locate the side switch on your iPad. This is a small, slim black switch near one of the corners on one of the longer sides of the iPad.

Step 3

Press the end of the side switch that lowers the volume (which end this is depends on the position in which you're holding the iPad.) You can tell that you're pressing the correct end by the fact that the on-screen display shows the volume bar getting lower.

Step 4

Hold down the same end of the side switch until the on-screen volume bar disappears completely. You can now continue to enjoy the YouTube video on mute.