How to Mute a Polycom Phone

By Thomas McNish

Polycom phones are typically speaker-based units used in offices for conference calls, but they also come with handsets. Different models come with a variety of features, including call waiting, caller ID, speakerphones and even wallpaper backgrounds. All come with a mute function that comes in handy when dealing with clients. If you want to quietly deliberate with your coworkers while finishing the big deal, you can keep your thoughts and words discreet.

Make a call using either the handset or the speakerphone function.

Press the soft button that looks like a microphone with a line through it while on a call. A red light should glow, letting you know that the mute function has been enabled.

Press the soft button again to disable the mute function. The red light should turn off, letting you know that the function has been disabled.