How to Mute the Microphone of a Phone Device While on a Call?

By Hollan Johnson

A cell phone that has a mute button on the display screen.
i oval cell phone image by timur1970 from

All phones come with a speaker and a microphone. The speaker is how you hear the person talking from the other end and the microphone is what you talk into so the person on the other end can hear you. However, if you are on a call and you do not want to the other person to hear what you have to say you can mute the call. Most phones, home and cell alike, have a simple mute button. However, if your phone does not have a mute button there may be a way to mute it using buttons or the display.

Home Phone

Find the mute button on your phone's head set or base. If your phone does not have a mute button, read the manual to see if it has a certain button combination or digital mute button.

Press or access the mute button while on a call.

Press the mute button again to release the mute.

Cell Phone

Locate the mute button on the button pad or headpiece or open the "Options" menu and locate mute from there.

Press the mute button or select it from the "Options" menu and click on it.

Press the mute button again to deselect mute. You will have to open the "Options" menu to deselect mute on phones that mute in this way.