How to Mute an iPhone When on a Conference Call

By Kefa Olang

Hold temporarily stops a call in progress but keeps both parties on the line.
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On an iPhone, you can be on a conference call with up to five people. While on a conference call, you can mute the call anytime to prevent your contacts from hearing you speak to someone in the room with you or to protect them from sudden loud background noise, such as emergency sirens or jet noise. Muting a conference call is quick and simple. When you are ready, you can unmute the call and resume your conversation.

Step 1

Touch the "Phone" icon on your iPhone's home screen and then call your contact. Wait for your contact to answer the call. You can only start a conference call after the first person answers the call.

Step 2

Tap the "Add Call" button and enter a recipient's phone number or select a person to add to the call from the Contacts app. Wait for the call to go through.

Step 3

Tap "Merge" to place your recipients in a conference call. When you participate in a conference call, you should see the Conference message.

Step 4

Touch the "Mute" button on your iPhone to mute the conference call. When the conference call is muted, a blue highlight appears over the mute button. When you mute a conference call, only your microphone is temporarily turned off, so you can still hear what your contacts are saying.

Step 5

Touch the "Mute" button again to resume the call. When you finish, touch "End" to complete the conference call.