How to Find Music Videos on YouTube

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If you're on the hunt for a huge selection of music videos, look no further--YouTube is your site. This powerhouse Web community has become one of the most popular social networking and video-content sites on the Internet.

Find YouTube Music Videos

Step 1

Go to the YouTube home page (see the Resources section below).

Step 2

Select the 'Categories' tab.

Step 3

Find the 'Music' heading, and click the text link.

Step 4

Browse the offerings on the first page. Click through to additional pages by clicking on the numbered links. You can also navigate from page to page by using the links labeled 'Next' and 'Previous.'

Type a musician's or band's name in the Search box to find a video by a particular artist.

Play YouTube Music Videos

Step 1

Click any individual music video found on the Music page. You can connect to the video by clicking the image or the text link.

Step 2

Use the video player controls to start and stop the video and the volume bar to adjust the sound.

Step 3

Find additional details about the video, such as information about the musician featured, in the information box next to the video.

Step 4

Go back to the Music page at any time to select other music videos. New content is added every day by users.

Sign in to your account to use additional features such as adding music videos to your Favorites or Playlists. Subscribe to videos by a particular artist to get instant access to new videos when they're uploaded.


  • Users encountering any problems or additional questions need only visit the YouTube Help Center.


  • Parents should note that some music videos may contain adult or objectionable material. You may wish to supervise young children who are accessing YouTube to find music videos.

Items you will need

  • Internet connection
  • Computer

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