How to Get Your Music on Pandora

by Aaron Parson

The Internet radio site "Pandora Radio" helps listeners find new music by playing stations with tracks similar to their favorite songs. The service also provides a great way for new artists to get their music noticed. Pandora accepts submissions of published albums for their site. In order to submit, must sell your CD as a physical release, and have the full track listings on the store page.


Visit Pandora's submission page and click "Continue" to start your application.


Enter your email and password to sign in to your Pandora account. This is not a special artist's account, simply the one you use to listen to Pandora. Press "Sign In."


Type the UPC code of your CD into the box and click "Check UPC."


Check the boxes next to the two tracks you want to submit for evaluation. Under each, click "Browse" and select an MP3 of the song.


Fill in the "Optional Information" fields with any comments for the reviewer and the website for your CD or band, if any.


Read the submission agreement and check the box verifying your legal right to submit your album. Press "Upload to Pandora" to send your submission.


Visit the submission status page to check for updates on your submission. If Pandora accepts your music, they will send you a Submission Authorization Form. Fill this form out and mail it back along with a copy of your CD.


  • check You must complete this entire process for each CD you want to submit, even if you have existing work already on Pandora.

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