How Much Does a T1 Line Cost?

by Robert Preston

A T-1 connection is a high-speed information line capable of transmitting 1.5 mbps of information. T-1 lines are substantially more expensive than a dial-up internet connection, as well as many other high-speed internet options, however in the right scenario a T-1 line can still be your most cost-effective option.


Exact pricing on a T-1 connection will vary from provider to provider, as well as within the same provider based on how long of a contract you acquire, with many providers offering discounts for long-term agreements. While the exact cost will vary, you can expect to spend $550 to $1,200 per month for a T-1 connection.


The fiber-optic capabilities of a T-1 connection provide a connection speed far greater than that of a dial-up modem. The 1.5 megabit-per-second connection provides a transmit speed 60 times faster than a dial-up modem. Due to the massive connection power, a single T-1 line can be used for multiple Internet connections without suffering from a lack of information speed.

Other Benefits

In addition to being an extremely fast internet option, a T-1 connection can also be used to handle phone services within your business. Due to the massive amounts of data that a T-1 line can transmit, a single T-1 connection can be used to handle as many as 24 phone lines.

Future Costs

As is customary in the technological world, as we advance to having more powerful computers representing the average home computer, the need for more powerful Iinternet connections will grow. As this occurs, the cost of T-1 lines will eventually go down over time, as has occurred with other connection options, which have changed from being for business use only to standard home connections.

Cost Effective

Though the costs for T-1 lines are still comparatively high in comparison to other high speed internet options, it is still possible for a T-1 line to be a cost-effective solution for your business. Due to its ability to handle many phone lines at once, a business that will require multiple phone lines can benefit from the inclusion of a T-1 line.