How Much Does Satellite Internet Cost?

By Maurice Moss

The Internet is the primary source of information for many people. Access to the Internet, however, is still a challenge for many. Internet providers are constantly in search of new Internet options and features to sell Internet service. Satellite Internet is the right decision for those who can find the right price.


The Internet is accessed in a variety of ways. Dial up access uses existing phone lines to get users to the Internet. It is the cheapest access and also the slowest. DSL Internet service uses the cable infrastructure to access the Internet. It is usually more than dial up and at least ten times faster, but the infrastructure for DSL is not available in all areas. Satellite Internet can connect to anywhere in the world using satellites that orbit the Earth. Users with the correct equipment will receive the signal and gain access to the Internet.


The costs of satellite Internet vary from one provider to another. The cost of the equipment needed ranges from $500 to $650. Installation fees can start at $150 and go up to $250. Monthly subscription services range from $50 to $80 a month. Companies like Hughes Satellite often offer free installation for their services in certain areas (see Resources below).


One of the features of satellite Internet is the dual stream speed. Services have a certain downstream speed and certain upstream speeds. Downstream speeds determine how fast pages will download to the user while upstream speeds determine the rate at while data is uploaded to various websites. Many satellite Internet services offer high down stream rates equivalent to high speed Internet. The upstream rates for some, however, are equivalent to dial up rates. Users should question providers on both rates before selecting a service.


Satellite Internet offers the same features as many other types of Internet access. The one advantage of satellite Internet, however, is that rural Internet users often have no other options for Internet access. The cost associated with satellite Internet makes it a less viable solution for Internet users in urban areas who have much cheaper options.

Time Frame

One challenge for satellite Internet users is latency. This is the actual amount of time it takes for data packets to download. The standard amount of time is between 500 and 900 milliseconds. Some satellite providers account for the delay with acceleration tools. Internet users with satellite can decrease latency by load adblockers onto their computer. This reduces the amount of data during downloads thereby increasing speed.

Time Frame