MTX Blue Thunder 10 Specs

By Whitney Jennings

The MTX Blue Thunder 10 is a car-audio subwoofer. The subwoofer prevents distortion without reducing power. The Blue Thunder subwoofer is small in size and has a sleek design, but delivers a loud and crisp sound for your car audio.


The port diameter of the subwoofer is 3 inches. The port length is 10.75 inches. The subwoofer has a mount depth of 5 inches and an overall depth of 5.5 inches. The cutout length is 9.25 inches. The mounting diameter is 10.3 inches and the speaker displacement is 1.7 liters.

Technical Specifications

The MTX Blue Thunder is available in four ohm impedance. The power handling is between 75 and 250 watts RMS, and the maximum power capability is 500 watts. The frequency response is between 37 hertz and 150 hertz. Sensitivity is 86.6 dB. The free-air resonance is 37.6 hertz and the volume acoustic suspension is 23.7 liters.


The subwoofer can be used in a sealed, vented or bandpass enclosure. The recommended sealed box volume is 0.5 to 1 cubic foot. Vented box volume should be between 1 and 2 cubic feet.


The Blue Thunder has an asymmetrical linear drive that helps to prevent distortion while still producing high output. This subwoofer utilizes an extended pole piece to enhance a symmetrical magnet field for higher power levels. This also helps give less distortion in the sound. The subwoofer has a tight-fitting dust cap to give a smooth appearance.