How to Get a MSN Passport

By Kefa Olang

An MSN passport (now known as the Windows Live ID) is a free account that allows you access to MSN programs such as Live Messenger, mail, photo gallery and more. It also allows you access to multiple content on the MSN, MSNBC and Hotmail websites, as well as the Xbox live network. Creating a Windows Live ID is a simple process, and within minutes, you can enjoy many of the free products MSN has to offer.

Go to the Windows Live ID page and click on "Sign up for an account." A link to the page is in the Resources section of this article.

Select "Yes, use my email address" if you want to create a Live ID using your current email address or select "No, sign me up for a free Hotmail email address." Click "Continue." Follow the directions to create an email account if you selected "No, sign me up for a free Hotmail email address."

Enter your email address on the "Create Credentials" page and create a password. The password should be a minimum of six characters and can contain both letters and numbers.

Create a password reset option to access your account if you forget your password. Click "Continue."

Review the agreement and type in your email address in the address window. Click "I Accept" and click "Continue." An email containing a link is sent to you to confirm the account.

Log into your email account and click the link on the email sent by MSN to confirm and activate your Windows Live ID.