What Is MS Excel 5.0 Dialog?

By Louise Jones

MS Excel 5.0 Dialog opens an Excel 5.0 Dialog sheet.
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In Excel 5.0 and Excel 95, dialog sheets were used to create custom dialog boxes and forms. These have been superseded by user forms, which are created via the "Developer tab," but have been left available for use in later versions of Excel.

Dialog Sheet

A dialog sheet is a grid drawing sheet that can have buttons, text boxes and messages entered can be used to create forms to control access and data. They were often used to create password log on boxes to control access, or to create data entry forms to control the information put into a spreadsheet.

Opening a MS Excel 5.0 Dialog Sheet

To open a dialog sheet in later versions of Excel right click on a spreadsheet tab, click on select and double click on the MS Excel 5.0 Dialog icon. The Excel 95 and 5.0 Dialog Sheet will automatically open.

User Forms and Dialog Sheets

Microsoft Excel 97 introduced user forms, which offer a lot more functionality and are generally accepted as being easier to use than dialog sheets. User forms also allow buttons, radials and text boxes to be inserted into the same "grid" style back ground, and are accessed via the Visual Basic Editor.