What Is an Mpl File?

by Lara Webster

Developed by Sony, the MPL file extension is assigned to certain video recordings. Videos shot in AVCHD format and saved to the MTS extension are indexed in a MPL file. The MPL file organizes each video file reference, so that the correct video file or part of a video file can be accessed when needed.


The MPL file extension is associated with AVCHD video files. The AVCHD high definition form of video is supported by both 1080i and 720p broadcast standards, and is based upon the MPEG4 codec. Sony and Panasonic digital camcorders both generate MPL files while recording videos. Videos shot in AVCHD will play on Blu-ray compatible disk players.


The MPL files attached to a AVCHD recording do not contain the actual video that was captured with the camcorder. Rather, the MPL files store a referenced list of the video files contained on the camera. The MPL files are automatically stored in the AVCHD\BDMV\PLAYLIST directory on the digital camcorder.


MPL files help the camcorder, or the disk to which video files are transferred, navigate to a particular file when called upon. The MPL aids in the playback process, directing the camcorder or disk to the correct video file. The MPL file pulls actual video, which is stored with a MTS extension from the comprehensive list of video files.

Compatible Programs

While MPL files are always compatible with Blu-ray players, and some computer programs will also open them. MPL files are primarily designed to work with Windows-based computers. PC programs that will open a MPL file include: Roxio Creator 2012, CyberLink PowerDVD 11 and CyberLink PowerDirector 10. The only Mac program that will open a MPL file is Roxio Toast 11.

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