My MP4 Won't Connect Via a USB Cable to the Computer

by Greyson Ferguson
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Electronic devices such as MP4 video players hook up to a computer through a USB data cable. The information then uploads from the computer onto the mobile device. You can run into a few issues while attempting to connect an MP4 video player to a computer. If the computer is not detecting the mobile device, there are a few troubleshooting options available.

Step 1

Install any software or drivers that came with the MP4 media player. Some video players, such as Sony and Apple products, require a specific program installed on the computer before you can upload content.

Step 2

Check the cable connection running from the mobile device to the computer. If the cable is not inserted completely, the data transfer cannot occur.

Step 3

Disconnect the USB cable from the computer's USB port and insert it into a different port on the computer. Sometimes USB ports can die out on computers.

Power on the MP4 video player. If the video player is not turned on, the computer cannot detect the mobile device.


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  • Tastatur und USB / Keyboard and USB image by Nazar Chabara from

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