How to Use MP3 Rocket to Download Music

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

MP3 Rocket is one of several music/video downloading services that takes advantage of the Gnutella Network, which allows users to share their files with others via the Internet. Similar to Limewire, the program is very easy to use and gives you unlimited free access to millions of music and video files.

Download and install the software from the MP3 Rocket website, but be careful. The basic version of the program is free, but you can pay up to $34 for a "pro" version if you want more than the basic ability to download and share files.

Choose the type of file you'd like to download by clicking on one of the icons in the left panel or select "All Types."

Enter the file name of the file you want to find in the box in the left panel, and click on "search" or select one of the categories from the toolbar across the top, which will give you access to the more popular music files.

Select the genre of music you want from the list in the left panel and names of artists and songs will appear in the right panel.

Double click on the artist and song you want and the software will begin searching the network for all files containing that information. They are then displayed as a list in the right panel.

Click on the version you want to download and the program will download it to your computer.


Your download time may be affected by the connection of the computer hosting the file. If you have the following connections it may take a while to download: Dialup (56k) 8 m 38 s, ISDN (128k) 3 m 46 s, DSL (512k) 56 s, Cable (1024k) 28 s, T1 (1484k) 19 s.

Do not click on "Continue" on the MP3 Rocket home page if you want the free version of the software. Clicking on "Continue" brings you to a page to sign up for the Pro version, which can cost you up to $35. To get the free version, click on the word "download" at the bottom of the page.

Beware of copyrighted or licensed files that may be available on the network. Since it's a file-sharing service, there may be many of these listed. Downloading them without paying for them is illegal. Check the MP3 Rocket website for tips on how to recognize these files.