Moving Worksheets in Visio

By William Pullman

Microsoft Visio diagramming software does not have a direct method of incorporating or moving one worksheet into another. A business owner who needs to combine information on two separate worksheets can copy the information from one and paste it in another. When the worksheet is copied, the position of the shapes in relation to each other is retained, as are any formatting changes to the shapes.

Open the Visio worksheet that you want to move and press "CTRL-A" to select the page contents. Press "CTRL-C" to copy the page.

Open the second document where you want to move the first worksheet.

Right-click the area on the second worksheet where you want to import the first worksheet and then select "Paste." The first worksheet is added to the second, with all formatting intact.


To move the worksheet into a blank worksheet, copy the first worksheet, click "Insert" and then "Blank Page." Click "CTRL-V" to import the first worksheet with all of the formatting intact and the shapes in the same position as the original.


Information in this article applies to Visio 2010. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.