Movies Won't Autoplay on a Toshiba Laptop

By Teresa Starr

Enabling autoplay on your Toshiba laptop is quite an easy task that almost anyone can do.
i laptop image by Ewe Degiampietro from

A Toshiba laptop that is running Windows as its operating system--no matter what version of Windows --should automatically have autoplay enabled. However, if your autoplay isn't running immediately once you insert a DVD movie it means that somewhere along the line it was disabled. Despite what some may think, enabling the autoplay is an easy task that almost anyone can do, with little to no experience. With only a few steps, your DVD movies will be playing automatically.

Turn on your Toshiba laptop and allow it to boot.

Click on the "Start" menu and then click on "My Computer."

Right-click on the CD-ROM or DVD drive, and click on "Properties."

Click the "AutoPlay" tab in the properties window. Another window will then pop up. Click in the "AutoPlay" box to enable autoplay.