How to Find Movie UPC Codes on Amazon

By Arn Goldman

i Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Every movie available for purchase has a UPC (Universal Product Code) tag. UPC codes are unique numerical identifiers assigned to individual items; these identifiers are used by stores for tracking. Finding out what the UPC code is without having the DVD in hand, however, can be difficult--unless you have access to the Internet. Online tools make finding out the UPC code for any movie very simple.

Step 1

Navigate any web browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, to

Step 2

Enter the name of the movie whose UPC code you wish to find in the main search bar.

Step 3

Pick out the DVD in the search results by clicking on its name. Verify that you've chosen the DVD version; it's easy to select a downloadable version, Blu-ray version or soundtrack by mistake.

Step 4

Copy the URL of the Amazon page containing the DVD you are looking for the UPC of using the copy/paste function on your computer. On PCs, highlighting the text and pressing "Control" and "C" will perform this task. On Macs, hit "Command" instead of "Control.

Step 5

Navigate your browser to a UPC lookup utility. You can find a link to one in the References section.

Step 6

Paste the Amazon URL for your DVD into the blank field on the page. Click inside the field and press "Control" and "P" ("Command"-"P" for Macs) to paste the text into the field.

Step 7

Click on the national flag of the Amazon site you searched in; you can choose from the Canadian, American and British Amazon sites.

Step 8

Press "Lookup." If you've performed the steps correctly, the UPC code for your movie will appear on your screen.