How to Move From VMware Workstation to Fusion

by Jedadiah Casey

VMware creates many different products revolving around virtualization technologies. Virtualization is the process of harnessing computer resources, such as CPU and memory, and dividing them among multiple logical computers within the same physical computer. VMware Workstation is considered a desktop virtualization program, and it runs on Microsoft Windows. VMware Fusion is the equivalent program for the Mac OS X operating system. You can move from VMware Workstation to Fusion by copying the relevant files, such as the VMDK virtual hard drive.

Step 1

Copy the VMDK file from the VMware Workstation virtual machine to the Mac running VMware Fusion.

Step 2

Open VMware Fusion and create a new virtual machine.

Step 3

Click "Continue without disk."

Step 4

Click "Use an existing virtual disk," then double-click the VMDK file and click "Continue."

Step 5

Choose the operating system type, if prompted, then click "Continue."

Step 6

Select whether or not to run the virtual machine automatically.

Step 7

Click "Customize Settings" to adjust the virtual machine's allocated resources, such as CPUs and RAM.

Close the settings window and then power on the virtual machine.


  • VMware presents the same set of virtualized hardware to the guest operating system across different host platforms. This allows you to move from a Windows VMware Workstation virtual machine to a Mac VMware Fusion virtual machine without altering the contents of the guest operating system.

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