How to Move Pictures From a Canon Camera to a Computer

By Kristine Brite

Use a USB cord to transfer images from camera to computer.
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Digital images can be quickly and easily transferred to a computer for sharing, editing and printing. Canon digital cameras require just a USB cord to transfer images. The memory card or internal memory of a camera can only hold so many pictures, so transferring the images often and deleting them after transfer is recommended. Be sure to not unplug the USB cord during transfer or risk losing some of the pictures.

Turn on the camera and the computer. Set the camera to playback by selecting the button with the "Play" triangle.

Plug the small end of a USB cord into the camera in the USB port located under a rubber flap and plug the other end of the cord into a USB port on the computer.

Start the "Camera and Scanner Wizard" or wait for the computer to detect the pictures and start the wizard. Click on the "Start" button, click on "My Computer," then double-click on the Canon's icon. Select "Get Pictures" under the camera tasks option.

Click "Next" on the first screen of the wizard to pop up. The camera images will appear on the next screen and all images will be selected for download. If you don't want to download a picture, click on it to remove the check mark next to it. Press "Next."

Name the files in the next window. This will name the entire group and number the photos. Type the name of the group in the first box. In the second box, select "Browse" and pick a destination folder for the photos. Check the "Delete Photos After Copying" box. This option will delete the photos from the camera, freeing up memory, after they are downloaded. Select "Next" and the phones will download.