How to Move a Picture to Facebook

by Carolyn Luck

One way to connect with friends on Facebook is to post and share photos. If your privacy settings allow, your friends can view and tag photos and even post comments for others to share. There are multiple upload options, and you can choose who is able to see your photos by adjusting your privacy settings. Whether your moments were captured on a digital camera or mobile phone, you can move pictures to Facebook in a few quick steps.

Upload to Facebook

Sign into your Facebook account.

Click the "Photo" option located next to "Share" at the top of your homepage or profile. Select your upload option, which can be "Upload a Photo from Your Drive," "Take a Photo With a Webcam" or "Create an Album With Many Photos."

Follow the prompts in the resulting boxes to browse and select images from your computer. Add captions if desired and click "Share" to upload.

Upload to Facebook Mobile

Go to and sign into your account. You'll find your personalized upload email address at the bottom of the page under the Upload Via Email section.

Select a photo from the media files contained in your device. Follow prompts on your device to compose an email that contains the photo you wish to upload. Typically, when you have the photo open, you can use the "Send" or "Share" menu buttons to move the photo via email. Refer to your device manual for further instruction.

Type your personalized upload email address in the "To" line of the email. Include a photo caption as the subject and send. The photo appears in your Mobile Uploads album.


  • check Photos uploaded to your Mobile Uploads album have default privacy settings that allow everyone to view your photos. Adjust your privacy settings to suit your needs.
  • check Click the "Add More Photos" button when viewing an existing album to upload more photos to that album.
  • check Your personalized upload email address can also be used to update your status by including it in the subject line.


  • close Do not share your personalized upload email address with anyone; it will allow people to have some access to your account.

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