How to Move a Message From the Trash Can to the Inbox

by Mike Benson

Nearly all email applications contain a folder reserved for your discarded messages. This is particularly useful for email that you delete by mistake. The process to move a message from your trash can to the inbox folder is relatively straightforward across most applications.


Open Microsoft Office Outlook.

Click the "Home" tab.

Click the "Deleted Items" folder. This loads a list of deleted emails in the center.

Click to select the message you want to restore.

Click "Move to" and click "Inbox."

Windows Live

Open Windows Live and sign in.

Click the "Deleted" folder. This displays a list of deleted messages in the center.

Click to select the message you want to restore, and then click "Inbox" under the "Move to" list.


Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

Click the "Trash" icon on the left pane. This loads a list of messages currently marked as trash.

Right-click the message you want to recover and click "Move to..."

Click "Local Folders," and then click "Inbox."

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