How to Move Files From a Nintendo DSI to an SD Card

By Veronica Summers

i Screenshot courtesy of CardRecovery.

Using the Nintendo DSi, you can take pictures, play music and download games through the Nintendo DSi store. If you are camera-happy or love to purchase the latest DSiWare games, your DSi drive may be low on space. In this case, move files from your DSi to an SD card to free up space for more photos or games.

Compatible SD Cards

Before trying to move files to an SD card, check that your card is compatible with the DSi. Use standard SD cards and high-capacity (SDHC) cards that hold up to 32GB. If you have the correct adapter to fit an SD mini card into the Nintendo DSi SD slot, use miniSD and microSD cards to archive photos and games.

Moving Photos

Download DSi camera photos to an SD card for archival purposes. To save photos to the SD card, insert the SD card into the slot before you turn on your DSi. Then, turn on your DSi and click on the "Camera" icon. Look at a photo and click "SD-Card" on the touch screen to move the photos to the SD card.

Moving Game Files

Copy DSiWare games and save files to an SD card for backup purposes. With your DSi turned off, insert an SD card. Then, turn your DSi on and tap the "Settings" icon. On the "Settings" menu, tap "Data Management," then tap "System Memory." Select the file, then tap "Copy."

Before copying data files, remember that you cannot overwrite files. If you are saving a recent version of a game, delete the old version off the SD card before attempting to copy the file.

Troubleshooting and Constraints

You can play music and sounds in .acc format from an SD card, but you cannot copy sound files or music that you originally created on the DSi to an SD card. You can move DSi camera photos to an SD card, but you cannot view external camera photos on the DSi. You cannot copy DSi cartridge save files to the SD card. You can only back up DSiWare games purchased though the DSi store. Try to use an SD card with a great deal of free space. If your card is almost full, the DSi may have problems copying files to the SD card.