How to Move a File From an SD Card to Dropbox Using Android

By Melly Parker

The Dropbox App is available through Dropbox and Google Play.
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If you've ever gotten sick of emailing files back and forth every time you move from work to home or from laptop to desktop, you already know why Dropbox exists. In 2007, two MIT students created it to enable them to easily move files from one device to another. Now the service that Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi put together is usable on both computers and other platforms, including Android mobile devices. As of July 2013, 175 million people use Dropbox to transfer files between machines.

Dropbox App

Every file on your Android device can be uploaded with the Dropbox app, as long as it's a file type supported by Dropbox. Pictures, videos, music and documents, for example, can be stored on Dropbox and accessed on every connected device. You have to have an account on Dropbox to use the app, but you can create one on your Android if you don't already have one set up.

Opening the SD Card

Files on your SD card are accessible with the Dropbox app. Launch the app by clicking on the Dropbox icon and then click the three-dot menu icon. Choose "Upload Here" and then tap "Other Files." You will see a list of folders to choose from, including your SD card. Click on the SD card to see the files stored on it.

Selecting Files

If your SD card is particularly full, you may have a hard time finding the correct file. Remember that folders on your SD card are set up just like computer folders; the folder you're looking for might be inside another folder. Tap on each folder to explore the contents. When you find a file you want to upload, tap the box icon next to it. You can upload multiple files from the same folder; if you want to upload folders from different files, use the back arrow to explore other areas on your SD card. The files you selected in earlier folders will stay selected as long as you don't uncheck them. Press "Upload" to send the files to your Dropbox.

Size Limits

As long as you're using the Android app, there are no limits on the size of your uploads; the only restraint is the storage in your Dropbox account. Free accounts have 2GB of storage, which can be increased up to 18GB by inviting friends; you gain 500MB of storage for each person you refer to Dropbox. You can also increase your storage by purchasing more space. Prices start at $9.99 per month for 500GB and go up from there.