How to Mount Speakers to a Flat-Panel TV

By Greyson Ferguson

Connect your speakers to a flat-panel TV.
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Although flat-panel speakers save space on the entertainment center or on your wall, they don't present as many options when attaching speaker systems to the device. You can mount speakers to your flat panel television, although the method is going to vary depending on the location of the TV (if it is built into the wall or on an entertainment stand). You may need to install the speakers next to the television but not actually mounted on the TV.

Place a speaker bar on the top of the flat panel television. This speaker bar is a long, thin speaker that often has adjustable grooves on the bottom to fit around a television. You can set this speaker on a television if it is on a television stand or mounted to the wall.

Set speakers to the sides of the television when the television is on an entertainment center. Although this isn't directly mounted to the TV, it does provide the same audio quality, and it doesn't weigh down the TV.

Attach speaker wall mounts to the sides of your wall around the mounted television. These wall mounts have two to four different drill holes. Hold the mount against the area of the wall you want the speakers and use your drill to drill through the holes. Screws in the provided screws to secure the mount to the wall.

Attach the back of the speaker to the front of the speaker mount. The mount adheres to the back of the speaker (usually with a screw). Once attached, the speakers can still connect to the flat panel television.

Attach speaker wiring from any speakers to the audio IN jacks on the back of your TV.