How to Mount a Panasonic Plasma TV

By Craig McPherson

Mounting a plasma or flat screen television is an excellent space saver and can add a finished look to a room. However, flat panel televisions, plasma units in particular, are very heavy. When mounting a plasma on your wall, ensuring that the VESA mount is screwed into the center of your wall studs is critically important. If you triple check all of your measurements and are comfortable using basic hand tools and a power drill, mounting your own plasma TV is easier than you may think.

Most VESA wall mounts come in two or three pieces: two to connect to the mounting holes on the back of the television itself and one larger piece to mount on the wall. If your mount comes pre-assembled, disassemble it. Panasonic recommends that your mount comes with screws that are 660 mm x 320 mm for models up to 58 inches, or 1075.2 mm x 330 mm for 65 inch models.

Determine whether or not you want your cabling hidden. There are many options for hiding cables without running it inside of your walls. If you choose to run your cabling inside of your wall, it is best to hire a licensed electrician, who can ensure that all in-wall wiring and cabling is in compliance with local fire codes.

Mount the smaller brackets on the back of the television. Typically, there are four screws for each mount. The screws will have been included with your mounting hardware.

Determine the general area you'd like your TV to be mounted. Take into account where you will be watching it from and the lighting conditions in the room. If you're mounting the television above a fireplace, measure to ensure there will be enough clearance between the bottom of the television and the top of your mantle.

Place the wall mount portion of your VESA mount against the wall where the TV will be mounted. Draw a light pencil line across the top of the wall mount, using a level to make sure it is straight.

Using a stud finder (preferably one that will determine the exact center of a wall stud), find the stud nearest the area where you marked the pencil line. Depending on your mount's orientation, you may need to attach it to two studs. Studs are typically 16 inches apart but be sure to use your stud finder to find the stud closest to the first. Lightly mark the center of the stud with pencil. Horizontal mounts will need to be mounted across two studs.

Making sure the wall mount is level, attach it to the wall by drilling the included screws or lag bolts into the center of the stud. Before tightening the screws all the way, use your level one final time to ensure that the wall mount is straight.

Lift the television with the help of a second person and mount it gently onto the wall mount. Again, use your level to ensure that the television sits level in its mount.