How to Mount a Game in PowerISO

by Jack Gerard
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PowerISO is an all-in-one tool that can be used to create .iso files from CDs and DVDs as well as file collections on your computer. It can also be used to burn these ISOs onto CDs or DVDs or mount them on virtual drives so that they can be played as though they were burned onto a disc. Games that have been backed up from a CD or DVD can be mounted to a virtual drive in PowerISO in order to prevent scratches or other damage to the discs.

Step 1

Insert the CD or DVD where the game is installed into your computer's optical disc drive.

Step 2

Launch PowerISO, then click the "Copy" button on the toolbar near the top of the window in order to start the ISO Maker. Select the drive that holds the CD or DVD that you wish to copy, input a file name for the finished ISO file, and set the file type to .iso. Click "OK", then wait while PowerISO creates an ISO file as a copy of your game disc.

Step 3

Click the "Mount" button on the PowerISO toolbar, opening the mounting context menu.

Step 4

Click the "Mount Image to Drive [X]:" option, where "[X]" is the letter of a virtual drive on your computer that has no media mounted to it.

Wait for PowerISO to mount the .iso file that you created to the virtual drive that you selected. Once mounted, you will be able to select the drive in Windows Explorer and access the files in the ISO as though it were an actual CD or DVD in a physical drive.


  • Only ISOs of games that you own should be mounted in PowerISO.


  • If you do not have any empty virtual drives on your system, media can be unmounted from existing drives or new drives can be created from within the "Mount" button's menu.
  • Once an ISO has been created from a CD or DVD, the disc can be removed from your computer.


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