Motorola Minitor II Instructions

By Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Motorola Minitor pagers are a type of pager carried by firemen and rescue personnel to alert them of emergency situations. The Motorola Minitor II is a second-generation Motorola alert pager, and though they continue to be used by emergency personnel across the country, the Motorola Minitor II has been discontinued in favor of more recent models such as the Motorola Minitor III, IV and V.

Battery Information

The Motorola Minitor II is powered by two alkaline or rechargeable AAA batteries. If using rechargeable AAA batteries to power your Motorola Minitor II, be sure that the batteries are fully charged before installing them in the alert monitor. To install the batteries, slide over the latch on the battery door and open it. Insert the batteries into the Motorola Minitor II, making sure to observe the proper polarity. When the batteries in your Motorola Minitor II are low, a red LED indicator light will switch on and a pulse tone will sound. If the batteries are installed improperly, or old batteries are used, the Motorola Minitor II may not function correctly.

Power Switch/Volume Control

The dial on the left hand side of the Motorola Minitor II is called the "Power Switch/Volume Control." When the "Power Switch/Volume Control" dial is turned clockwise, the device is powered on. After that, you can continue to turn the dial clockwise to increase the volume, or turn it counterclockwise to decrease the volume. To turn the Motorola Minitor II off, rotate the dial counterclockwise until the device shuts off.

Function Dial

The dial on the right hand side of your Motorola Minitor II is the "Function" dial. Depending on when your Motorola Minitor II was purchased, you may have as few as two function modes or as many as four. Each function mode represents a different communications channel. You can change the function mode of the Motorola Minitor II by turning the function switch. Once the device has been set to a particular mode or channel, you will be able to hear all the voice communications from that channel until a new channel is selected. After you have received a message, press the "Reset" button on the Motorola Minitor II to put the device in standby mode.

Audio/Visual Indicator Lights

The two small indicator lights located between the dials of your Motorola Minitor II are the audio/visual alert indicator lights. When the Motorola Minitor II is first powered on, both the red and amber indicator lights turn on until the device's internal start-up is complete. After that, the red indicator light will flash whenever there is an incoming message. When the function switch is set to vibrate, the red LED light will flash to indicate a low battery.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance will help keep your Motorola Minitor II functioning at its best. This includes keeping the Motorola Minitor II clean and away from excess moisture. If the device needs to be cleaned, wipe it with a soft cloth that has been dampened in a solution of mild soap and water. Should the device come into contact with direct moisture, remove the batteries and dry the Motorola Minitor II with a soft cloth before replacing the batteries.