How Does Work?

By Kevin Lee

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Convinced that the Internet would become the future of job searches, entrepreneur Andrew McKelvey, worked feverishly in the 1990s to create Today, this leading job-recruitment website uses advanced search algorithms, the latest mobile tools, social media integration and other technologies to help job seekers and employers meet their objectives successfully.

Cutting-Edge Search Tools

One of the secrets to finding valuable information quickly is formulating effective search queries.'s semantic search engine technology helps job seekers zero in on relevant job opportunities by using conversational language to create powerful search queries. Because semantic search remembers searches and learns as you use it, the tool delivers results that grow more accurate over time. Semantic search helps employers and recruiters scour millions of resumes and large databases to find qualified job candidates quickly.

High-Tech Acquisitions

In 2014, Monster purchased Gozaik and TalentBin, two sites the company says will "enhance Monster's ability to successfully connect people and job opportunities." Monster plans to do this by increasing the number of employer resources and job ads on social networks.

Going Social

Recognizing the ability of social media to reach millions around the world, maintains a presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Visit the company's social media page and you'll see links to Monster's pages on Flickr, YouTube, FourSquare and Facebook (link in Resources). You'll also discover links to career-specific online communities such as HRPeople, for human resources professionals, and Inside Tech, a place to discuss technology with others. The website displays Facebook Like buttons and other social media widgets so you can share information with others.

Going Mobile

Before mobile technology existed, job seekers browsed through newspaper "Help Wanted" ads while away from home or work. Today, Monster's mobile search app helps you look for jobs quickly and efficiently using a smartphone or tablet. Install the Monster Job Search app on your Android or iOS device and use it to find and apply for jobs wherever you are. The app gives you access to your Monster account and saves your job searches.

Account and Resume Tips

After you sign up for a free account at, the site prompts you to create a resume, upload it and set a privacy level. That's important because you can decide who sees your resume. If you set the level to "Private," employers can't find it but you can use the resume to apply for jobs. You can also adjust your account's visibility to control who views your profile. You might want to make it private if you stop job hunting for a while and still want to remain an active member of the site.

Turbocharge Your Career Search

Visit Monster's Career Services page to explore additional features that can enhance your job search and career potential (link in Resources). You'll find salary calculators, resume-writing services, interviewing tools and similar services. At the Monster Network page (link in Resources), you'll find links to sites where you can network, post portfolios, take quizzes, locate government jobs and join Monster communities.