How to Monitor Magic Jack Calls

by Stephen Barron Jr.

The Magic Jack telephone system turns home phones into voice over IP phones with a simple adapter. Voice over IP telephone allows you to make phone calls over the Internet to other telephones either connected to the internet or not. The software used to make calls over the Internet leaves many users wanting additional services that offer better monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls. There is a solution to enhance Magic Jack's features and provide services that some customers have been looking for from voice over IP phones.

How to Monitor Magic Jack Telephone Calls

Install Magic Jack on your home computer. Magic Jack self installs the software onto your computer. Plugging the Magic Jack device into your computer's USB port will install the software that allows telephone calls to be placed over your Internet connection. The Magic Jack device has a connection that will allow you to plug in your phone and make calls over the Internet.

Make test calls to ensure your Magic Jack device is able to receive incoming calls and make outgoing telephone calls.

Download a software program for monitoring the Magic Jack phone system. There are several plug-in software options available for download that have the additional features desired so you can better monitor your Magic Jack phone system. Some of these plug-in programs are free, and others will charge you a one-time fee. One common plug-in boasts over 20 features that turns Magic Jack into a powerful monitoring device. Monitoring features include anonymous call blocking, selective call rejection, cancellation of call waiting and call recording.

Monitor Magic Jack phone activity regularly. This will give you patterns of usage and other helpful data that you may be searching for or require.


  • check Look for software plug-ins that offer a free trial period. This will help ensure that the program will have all the features and tools you desire to undertake the monitoring activities that you require.


  • close Do not record or monitor call activity that is in violation of any federal, state or local laws. Make sure you disclose to the person that you are monitoring or recording their calls.

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